Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (2023)

Riser recliner chairs (also known as reclining chairs) offer a choice of seating positions to maximise your comfort.By allowing you to get into and out of a chair without assistance, they also help you maintain independent living.

Whether you need a riser recliner for mobility reasons or simply to enjoy leaning back and putting your feet up at the end of a long day, it's worth taking time to choose the best model for your needs.

In this guide, we'll cover our top recommendations, how much you can expect to pay, key features to look for and where to buy a riser recliner chair.

Alternatively, head straight to our riser recliner chair reviews

Best riser recliner chairs

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Pricing and recommendations correct as of June 2023.

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Do I need to buy a riser recliner chair?

Not sure if you need a riser recliner chair yet? Use our simple checklist below to find out.

  • Do you ever have difficulty or require help getting up out of a chair?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to sit down on a chair or sofa?
  • Have you been advised by your doctor or nurse to elevate your legs when sitting down?
  • Do you tend to sit for long periods in the same chair?
  • Do you experience chronic pain and need to change your sitting position to get more comfortable?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you would probably benefit from using a riser recliner chair. However, as everyone's needs are different, there are a few other things to consider.

We've also tested mobility scooters from CareCo, Livewell, Pride and more, so see our round-up of the best mobility scooters

Do I have enough room for a reclining chair?

Riser recliner chairs are heavy and take up a lot of room, so you need to identify a permanent position for it and measure up carefully before you buy.

You’ll also need to allow for a gap behind the chair, so it can recline fully without any obstructions. As a general rule of thumb, make sure there's at least a 60cm/24in space, but for more exact measurements you can check in our riser recliner reviews under the tech spec 'space required behind chair'.

If you're short on space, choose a wall-hugging riser recliner chair instead. They're designed so you only need minimal clearance space (as little as 10cm/4in).

For more information on arranging furniture and other safety aspects, read our guides on staying independently at home

How much does a good riser recliner chair cost?

Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (1)

You can get basic riser recliner chairs for as little as £350, but the cheapest models are likely to be single-motor models that don't let you control the back and footrest independently.

Typical prices for dual-motor riser recliner chairs range from £500 to upwards of £2,000, but don’t assume you need to spend a fortune to sit in comfort.

Our cheapest Best Buys start from less than £1,000 – and we've found some riser recliners costing nearly twice as much that performed averagely in our tests.

The price you pay might also depend on the features and fabric you choose, as well as which company you buy your chair from, so it's always worth shopping around.

Getting financial support to buy a riser recliner chair

If you need a riser recliner chair because of a medical condition or to help you live independently at home, you might be eligible to get one through your local authority.

Different local authorities have different rules around what they will pay for, but your first step should be to contact your local council and book an assessment. You can find out more in our guide to financing care at home.

(Video) Best Recliners for Sleeping : You Should Choose Once!

If you have a mobility problem and you need special equipment to live independently you may also qualify for VAT exemption. Visit the HMRC website for more information on VAT relief for disabled people.

The best riser recliner chair features to look out for

Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (2)

Once you've found a comfortable chair that's the right size for you, ask yourself these questions to help you choose the most suitable functions:

  • Leg restChoose a dual-motor riser recliner if you want the leg rest to rise automatically as you recline.
  • Battery If there's a power cut, a back-up battery will let you move back to a neutral or standing position.
  • Anti-crush This will help to prevent accidents if pets or small children get underneath the mechanism.
  • Chair shape Some recliner seats and backs are designed to remain fixed in position as you recline. This can reduce the risk of friction or other damage to your skin as the chair moves.
  • Built in support or pressure-relievingThese might help if you have a serious back problem or medical condition. We also recommend seeking the advice of an independent adviser to assess your particular needs before buying. Head to the Royal College of Occupational Therapists to find a registered therapist in your area.
  • Full reclineAlthough some chairs allow you to lie completely flat, they're not really intended for sleeping in for extended periods. If you have difficulty getting into bed, you should consider buying an adjustable bed or specially designed chair bed in addition to a riser recliner chair.

See our adjustable bed buying guide for expert tips and advice

Can you adjust the height of a riser recliner chair?

Height adjustments of riser recliner chairs can be quite limited.

Some models enable you to adjust the height by a relatively short distance of 10cm or so, but if this is something you're interested in be sure to discuss this with your brand of choice while shopping around.

You can also buy furniture risers at many stores, which are solid structures that can lift the height of a chair, but it's important to check that they're both compatible and safe to use with your model before buying.

Bear in mind that some brands offer a more bespoke design service for riser recliner chairs, so this might be an option worth exploring if height is a concern.

Problems caused by ill-fitting riser recliner chairs

Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (3)

A comfortable chair will have support in the right places. For example, extra padding at the bottom to support your lower back, and at the top for your head. The chair should be soft, but not so soft that you can feel the frame.

It's also important to make sure the chair's measurements are a good fit for your body. Think about:

  • Seat heightIf a chair's too high, your feet won't be able to touch the floor and this will put too much pressure on your back. If it's too low, your legs won't be fully supported and the backs of your thighs could start to ache.
  • Chair widthA riser recliner chair that's too wide won't properly support your sides and back, and you might feel less secure in the chair.
  • Seat depthIf the seat's too deep, you won't be able to sit with your back fully supported down its length. Often, people who have made this mistake stuff cushions behind them, but this doesn't provide even support.

Trying out riser recliner chairs

Try out as many chairs as you can. A mobility shop should have staff who can advise you on all kinds of equipment, including riser recliner chairs, as well as models you can try. This can be a good way of exploring what features would suit you.

Disabled Living Centres (DLCs) are also worth a visit. Most are charities and may not sell the chairs, but they're a good place to start to understand the range and styles offered, and to test out recliners on loan from manufacturers.

It’s important to remember that most chairs will feel comfy when you first sit on them, but might not feel the same after a few hours, so it's wise to check that the retailer has a good returns policy.

Whichever retailer you choose, check it's accredited by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). BHTA members have to abide by a code of practice, approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

Where to buy a riser recliner chair

To make sure you're buying a riser recliner chair that's well built and safe to use, only shop with trusted sellers online or in store.

For more details on shopping online safely and arranging refunds for faulty equipment, see our online shopping advice.

  • CareCosells a wide range of riser recliner chairs, both with single and dual motors. Prices start at just under £500 and you can upgrade to a chair with an in-built massager, if you like.
  • Fenetic Wellbeinghas a wide variety of chairs in different materials and colours. Prices start at around £500.
  • HSL Chairsoffer home visits and a free brochure with fabric samples, as well as a 'seven-point seating assessment' to determine your needs.
  • Willowbrookstocks riser recliner chairs that are manufactured in the Midlands. It offers a range of different contemporary fabric designs and extras, including built in reading lights.
Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (4)
(Video) ✅Top 10 Best Recliner Chairs in 2023 Reviews

Buying a riser recliner chair through a home visit

Some retailers offer a home service where a sales representative arranges a visit and brings a chair sample for you to try.

You should expect the rep to show you ID on arrival, and it's best to try and set a time limit for the visit so that you're not left exhausted at the end of it. If you do buy, insist on written information and a cooling-off period.

It's an idea to have a friend or relative with you for an appointment like this, so they can provide support if needed, and you can discuss your decision with them before you buy.

Buying a riser recliner chair through a catalogue

If you're buying online, it's probably because you know you want a certain off-the-peg rather than bespoke model.

When you're buying online, check the company’s returns policy and, in particular, who is responsible for the cost of removing and returning the chair should you decide it’s not for you. You can check what your rights are under the Distance Selling Regulations.

Hiring a riser recliner chair or buying second-hand

It's possible to pick up a second-hand riser recliner chair from private sales websites such as eBay.

Remember, there's no guarantee that the chair is the right fit for you, though, so it's best to follow the same steps as if you were buying new. It's also possible to hire a chair from specialist companies such as

Are you thinking ofhiring or leasing a mobility scooter, too? Which? experts give you the lowdown on all your options

How to care for and maintain your riser recliner chair

Best riser recliner chairs 2022: Which? Best Buys and expert buying advice - Which? (5)

A riser recliner chair is a big investment, it's a good idea to keep it in the best condition possible. You can do this by:

Protecting the fabric of your riser recliner chair

Spray the material with a protective spray to repel liquids and reduce the risk of staining if you spill your cup of tea on it.

It's also a good idea to place a light throw over the arms and across the top of the back of the chair where your head will rest, so that this can be washed every now and again.

Also bear in mind that upholstered chairs placed near windows will eventually start to fade, particularly if they get a lot of direct sunlight, so work out where best to keep yours.

Cleaning the covers of your riser recliner chair

The way you clean your chair will depend on what it is made of, for example if it's made of leather or suede, so follow individual manufacturer care instructions for how best to clean.

Some riser recliner chairs come with removable seat or armrest cushion covers, which make them much easier to wash. Some also come with a cleaning package, which provides you with all the specialist products you'll need to clean your chair.

For really tough stains or badly ripped fabric, we’d recommend you use a professional furniture cleaning service or upholsterer.

Maintaining the electrics of your riser recliner chair

Where possible, try to ensure you plug the riser recliner directly into the mains and not an extension lead, so you don’t risk overloading plug sockets with too many electrical items.

Don't put anything underneath your riser recliner chair as objects may become trapped, although some chairs do come with an anti-trap mechanism to prevent this.

If your chair comes with batteries, make sure you recharge them as needed or have replacements on hand.

How we test riser recliner chairs: we go further than anyone else when it comes to testing them.

(Video) ✅ Reclining Chair: Best Reclining Chair (Buying Guide)


What should I look for in a riser recliner chair? ›

How To Choose The Right Riser Recliner Chair
  • Make sure you have the space needed for your chair.
  • Select the best style chair for your comfort.
  • Ensure your chair is correctly measured for you.
  • Choose whether you need to adjust the backrest independently from the footrest.
Oct 12, 2021

What month is it best to buy a recliner? ›

That means you'll want to shop toward the end of winter (January and February) or the end of summer (August and September). Retailers will be discounting their old stock during these months to make room for the new styles. Presidents Day and Labor Day weekends are especially good times for sales.

What is the longest lasting recliner? ›

For Longevity: 100% Leather.

If you want longevity, choose one in 100% leather. The natural finish of a genuine leather reclining chair offers a buttery-smooth feel designed to last for more than a decade – and in which you will want to lounge for hours at a time.

What are the highest rated lift chairs? ›

What are the best power lift recliners?
  • best quiet power lift recliner : Red Barrel Studio Fitzmaurice Power Lift Assist Recliner.
  • Best selling POwer lift recliner : Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner.
  • best comfortable power lift recliner : Esright Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner Chair.
Feb 10, 2023

How much does a good quality recliner cost? ›

A good price for durable materials and great comfort usually lies between $800 and $2,000.

Is there such a thing as a good looking recliner? ›

Good Looking Recliners Chairs Do Exist, and We've Found 15 Of The Best For You! The hunt is over, decorating junkies! We've found the only good looking recliner chairs on the market. We've waded through all the bad ones, and present you with the best of the best for your living room, bedroom or nursery.

Does Medicare pay for recliners for seniors? ›

Are Recliner Lift Chairs Covered by Medicare? The motorized lift mechanism of the lift chair or seat-lift chair is a Medicare-covered item. If you qualify, Medicare may cover up to 80 percent of the approved amount for the seat lift mechanism.

Do power or manual recliners last longer? ›

Power recliners are likely to last longer because there is less wear and tear on an electric mechanism, and the power motors in power recliners are often covered by the manufacturer. The mechanisms in manual recliners will wear down quicker with constant use.

How many years should a Lazy Boy recliner last? ›

The average shopper looks to replace their recliner every 7-10 years. Don't worry, though! It is possible to enjoy your recliner beyond this estimated lifespan. With proper care and treatment, some La-Z-Boy clients have gotten over 20 years of use out of their recliner chairs.

Are lazy boys worth it? ›

While most customers think of them as pricier than most discount stores, they offer a higher value than most for the price, which extends to their full catalog. Overall, customers have good things to say about comfort and delivery, with some exceptions around perceived quality and durability.

What brands are comparable to Lazy Boy? ›

La-Z-Boy competitors include Wayfair, Ethan Allen, Havertys and Joybird.

Why are Lazy Boy recliners so expensive? ›

Because they use high-quality materials and construction, their pieces tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. If you are working with a tight budget, La-Z-Boy furniture may not be the best option for you. The Furniture Mall, however, offers financing for all our furniture.

Will Medicare pay for my chair lift? ›

How much do lift chairs cost through Medicare? If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device. You'll pay your Part B annual deductible, the remaining 20% for the device and the cost of the chair itself.

Are lift chairs worth the money? ›

The decision to purchase this device is a personal choice. However, if you or a loved one are finding it increasingly challenging to sit down or get up from your sofa, then purchasing a lift recliner might be absolutely worth it. It can even change your life.

Are lift chairs good for elderly? ›

Benefits of Using a Lift Chair

Lift chairs help older people with poor mobility to safely rise to a standing position. These chairs are also useful for people with severe hip or knee arthritis. Lift chairs can also improve posture. Some chairs offer lots of settings so you can choose a position that works best for you.

What is a good size recliner? ›

The chair size you get should be determined by the person expected to occupy the chair the most. You should need at least 35 inches in width for a small recliner. A medium recliner will need a space at least 40 to 45 inches wide. The largest recliners will need at least 50 inches in width.

What is the best posture for recliner? ›

Research has found that reclining your chair puts the least stress on your spine when it is reclined to about 135 degrees and may reduce your risk of back pain. The ability of riser recliner chairs to move to this position with ease makes them a good choice for people who sit for long periods.

What are the best recliner positions? ›

Reclining for a Better Future

The ideal seated position for your spine is a reclined position at 135 degrees of angle between your thighs and your torso. A 90-degree angle puts too much strain on your back in the form of compression and can lead to spinal issues later in life.

What is the average life of a recliner? ›

Because they are generally made with the same types of material and framework as sofas, quality recliners will often last as long as sofas, about seven to fifteen years – about seven if they see daily/nightly use, fifteen if they are used more as a decorative/accent piece, and as high as 20 if they are leather.

How long do lift recliners last? ›

On average, power recliners with simple mechanics can last between 10 and 20 years, depending on handling and frequency of use.

Is Flexsteel good furniture? ›

Is Flexsteel worth the money? In short, yes - Flexsteel furniture is definitely worth the investment. It lasts a long time, comes in a variety of styles, and is made with high-quality materials. So if you're looking for furniture that will stand the test of time, Flexsteel is a great option.

What is the difference between 2 position and 3 position lift chair? ›

Two position lift chairs recline to about a 45° angle which is the perfect position for relaxing and watching television or reading a book. The 3 position lift chair reclines even further into a sleeping position, though these lift chairs may be stopped in any position from straight up to flat.

What does 3 position lift chair mean? ›

A 3 position lift chair (often referred to as a 3 way recliner) allows the user to recline comfortably into a sleeping position, a “TV recline” position, and a standard straight position.

What does zero gravity lift chair mean? ›

What is a Zero Gravity Chair? A ZG chair is a recliner that allows you to suspend your body so that it's in a neutral position with your feet positioned above your heart. Whether you're sleeping in a ZG chair or just relaxing, you'll benefit in many ways, including: Spinal pressure relief.

What do you call a recliner that lifts you up? ›

What is a lift chair? A lift chair is powered to mechanically help its user sit down and get up from a seated position safely. With the push of a button, the user can recline or be lifted to a position where it's easier to comfortably stand up.

What is the difference between a power recliner and a lift recliner? ›

The biggest difference between a power recliner and a lift chair is that a lift chair is equipped with a powerful lifting system that tilts the back and base of the chair forward to help the user stand up.

Are leather recliners worth it? ›

A leather recliner may be the best investment for a luxurious and durable addition to your room. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you may choose a fabric recliner. Just keep in mind a fabric recliner will not last nearly as long as a good leather recliner.

How much does a good lift chair cost? ›

Lift chairs can be expensive, typically ranging from $400 to $2,000 depending on the supplier and any additional features. Median lift chair costs are about $700.

Can you claim a lift chair on your taxes? ›

Are Lift Chairs tax deductible? Yes, in many cases Lift Chairs can be considered medically necessity and are therefore a tax deductible write off. As always, check with a tax professional before making any decisions.

Is Amazon a Medicare supplier? ›

If your doctors or suppliers aren't enrolled, Medicare won't pay the claims submitted by them. So ask your supplier first in they participate in Medicare. AMZ is NOT an approved Medicare supplier.

Is it better to get a power or manual recliner? ›

Long term value– Power recliners have controlled movements, which usually means that they deal with less wear than manual recliners. Because of this, power recliners tend to be a better investment than manual recliners as they have a longer lifespan.

Who makes the best recliner mechanism? ›

The Leggett & Platt mechanism is a type of reclining mechanism. But why is it such a big deal? The Leggett & Platt mechanism, is the best when it comes to recliners due to its durability and its incredibly smooth recline.

What is an average price for power recliner? ›

In our collection, you can find both power and manual recliners starting around the $1,500 mark to $4,000 or more.

Why are Lazy Boy recliners so loud? ›

All La-Z-Boy recliners make this noise because they work on a ratcheting system. The mechanism inside the recliner features a pawl and ratchet assembly. This mechanism allows the chair to recline back and forth. When returning the recliner to its upright position by releasing the handle, it can make a loud noise.

Are Lazy Boy recliners guaranteed? ›

La-Z-Boy stands behind its high-quality furniture which is why you'll receive a limited lifetime warranty on all your furniture. La-Z-Boy's limited lifetime warranty covers the mechanisms, frames, and springs of the furniture.

Is it OK to sleep in a recliner every night? ›

Sleeping in a recliner is generally safe. If you find it comfortable, you can sleep in a recliner with little risk. People with sleep apnea, GERD, or back pain may find they get a better night's sleep in a recliner than a bed.

Is Lazyboy made in USA? ›

La-Z-Boy proudly makes our furniture in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸 Since 1927, La-Z-Boy® has employed thousands of dedicated men and women across the USA. We want you to not only feel good about how your furniture is made, but also where it's made.

What kind of leather does Lazyboy use? ›

La-Z-Boy Recliners are built with top grain leather along with split hide leather. Everywhere your body touches will be upholstered with buttery soft top grain leather.

What is Lazyboy performance fabric? ›

100% polyester for extreme durability, meets heavy duty wear ratings. Fabric is very strong but also very soft. It is easily cleaned and wrinkle, mildew, and abrasion resistant.

What recliners last the longest? ›

Recliners constructed from chip wood are weaker and often won't last as long as those crafted from hardwood or plywood. Recliners are often upholstered in fabric, leather, microfiber, or microsuede upholstery. Leather offers the most durable option, while fabric, microsuede, and microfiber are softer and cozier.

Is Lazyboy and La-Z-Boy the same? ›

La-Z-Boy Inc.

(pronounced "lazy boy") is an American furniture manufacturer based in Monroe, Michigan, United States, that makes home furniture, including upholstered recliners, sofas, stationary chairs, lift chairs and sleeper sofas. The company employs more than 11,000 people. La-Z-Boy Inc.

Is Smith Brothers furniture good quality? ›

Smith Brothers is one of the best custom living room furniture brands on the market today and is ranked as one of Furniture Fair's top five brands that we carry. This brand is an excellent fit if you are looking for fine quality, customization, and attention to detail.

What is a good price for a recliner? ›

Pick and choose which aspects are the most important to you, then come up with a number that seems fair for your ideal recliner. A good price for durable materials and great comfort usually lies between $800 and $2,000.

Is Ashley Furniture Made in USA? ›

Ashley Furniture is headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The brand manufactures furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms in the USA and distributes it globally. Besides Wisconsin, the brand also has manufacturing facilities in Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, China, and Vietnam.

How many pounds can a Lazy Boy recliner hold? ›

With normal use, and unless otherwise noted, the majority of La-Z-Boy branded furniture is tested to accommodate up to 300 pounds per seat. La-Z-Boy stands behind the durability of their recliners.

Will Medicare pay for a Lazy Boy lift chair? ›

How much do lift chairs cost through Medicare? If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device. You'll pay your Part B annual deductible, the remaining 20% for the device and the cost of the chair itself.

Is power lift recliner worth it? ›

The decision to purchase this device is a personal choice. However, if you or a loved one are finding it increasingly challenging to sit down or get up from your sofa, then purchasing a lift recliner might be absolutely worth it. It can even change your life.

How do I get Medicare reimbursement for a lift chair? ›

Medicare will only cover part of a lift chair if a doctor evaluates you and writes you a prescription for the chair. Your doctor must determine that the power lift chair is medically necessary and that you would likely be confined to a bed or chair without it.

Are lift chairs tax deductible? ›

Stairlifts are definitely tax deductible if it is “medically necessary.” This means a medical professional has prescribed you or your loved one a stairlift in order to preserve or increase their quality of life.

Is Lazy Boy a Medicare supplier? ›

Will Medicare cover Lazy Boy lift chairs? Medicare will only cover the lift mechanism, you pay the cost of the chair, whether you choose to go with a Lazy Boy or another brand.

What does Medicare cover 100 percent? ›

Does Medicare Part A Cover 100 Percent? For a qualifying inpatient stay, Medicare Part A covers 100 percent of hospital-specific costs for the first 60 days of the stay — after you pay the deductible for that benefit period.

What are the disadvantages of lift chairs? ›

The cons of lift chairs are simple, the reduced effort from not using your body as much means less exercise and ordinary movement in the day. When you don't push yourself to stand up or sit down, this can lead to a loss of physical ability.

Are zero gravity recliners good for you? ›

One of the most obvious benefits of zero gravity recliners is that they can help improve your blood circulation. This is because when you're elevated in the zero gravity position, your heart can easily pump blood throughout the body. When your heart doesn't have to pump as hard, your whole body functions better.

What to look for when buying a lift chair? ›

5 Tips to Choose the Best Lift Chair
  • Type of lift chair. The type of lift chair that you select depends on your needs. ...
  • Fit of the lift chair. The fit of a lift chair is very important for your comfort. ...
  • Space in your home. ...
  • Material of the lift chair. ...
  • Therapeutic and mobility features.


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